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About Bar Scan Technologies

Bar Scan Technologies, Inc. is an industry leader in I.D. and W.M.S. solutions. We can provide your organization with the expertise you need to choose the right system for your environment. Since 1995 our custom W.M.S. installation concepts have met the needs of commercial, industrial, governmental, and institutional clients by providing and adhering to their unique logistics requirements. We have built a reputation for delivering superior products and services, and solving the issues our customers encounter on a daily basis.

Our professionals are highly experienced in delivering a broad range of systems integration solutions including custom application development; package customization and integration; hardware and software component integration; application maintenance/customization/enhancement; solution deployment, and project management. Using state-of-the-art and proven approaches, our consultants deliver custom-designed solutions tailored for your specific business needs. They are experts in all aspects of the application development process including culture, methodology, technology, skills, organization and measurements. Engagements can be tailored to one, many or all aspects of the overall application development process for improvement. Our systems integration capabilities span the life cycle of a solution, from requirement analysis through solution development, installation, rollout, and end-user training.

Our research and development efforts ensure that new product and concept development is updated to emerging industry trends. Our services provide rapid delivery of application function and reduced cycle times designed to minimize project risk and cost while maintaining high-quality delivery. Our application development approach is focused on helping businesses rapidly re-engineer selected business processes and systems through prioritization of activities, extensive use of solutions prototyping, and time-boxed project management. This approach significantly reduces the risk and cost of systems development and enables more rapid response to the changing business environment. Our time-honored standard of efficiency has placed us at the forefront in the utilization of cutting edge technology to address changing industry demands. Our products are developed by the most respected manufacturers in the business. If you have any questions about our systems integration process or would like more information about our company please contact us.

Bar Scan Technologies, Inc.
3280 Sunrise Hwy., Suite 361
Wantagh, NY 11793-4064
Phone: (888) 403-4941    Fax: (888) 573-5768
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